Albanian Film Commission aims at promoting the Albanian Region and its administrative capital Tirana so to attract to the area tv and cinema productions from Europe and abroad. At the same time, the Commission aims at sustaining the local film-making industry by creating new opportunities for those who, in Albania, work in the tv and cinema sector.
Albania Film Commission works as first-stop contact as regards the permit requests to shoot in Tirana and Albania and assists in the solving of problems that may raise in the pre-production phase so easing the troupe's work during the film production.
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 The website of the Albania Film Commission has a picture database available for you with about 300 pictures to give you the opportunity to identify the Albanian locations for your next production. Besides, you will find data and useful information as to: geographical features, weather conditions, main road, railway and airline connections, selected hotels in main Albanian cities, etc,  and all cinema and tv infrastructures available for you.

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In the last months SKA-NDAL production have been working on preparing the first Albanian- Serbian production with the film “HONEYMOON” directed by the famous may award winning director Serbian Goran Paskaljevic “ How Harry become a tree” , “ Powder cage’, “ Midwinter night dream”, with the script written by Genc Permeti and Goran Paskaljevic.

This film is an co-production involving five countries: SKA-NDAL PRODUCTION (Albania), NOVA FILM, (Serbia), NEUE CAMEO FILM (Germany), SWISS EFFECTS (Switzerland), VERDEORO (Italy)

The synopsis

The story of "Honeymoon" is set in contemporary Albania and Serbia.

We follow the fortunes of two young couples who decide to leave their respective home countries in search of a better life in Western Europe.
When the Albanian couple, after all sorts of incidents, arrives in the Italian port of Bari, their problems start. The same fate awaits the Serbian couple when they arrive at Berlin-Tegel Airport.
Despite the fact that they have nothing to do with the murder of two UN soldiers in Kosovo, they are arrested at the border and suspected due to unfortunate coincidences. This prevents them, at least temporarily, from fulfilling their dreams, as is often the case with young people in the Balkans who pay for the mistakes of previous generations.
"Honeymoon" will be the first film co-produced by Albania and Serbia and will be made by a Serbo-Albanian crew. Through this poignant story, we hope to show that Art is stronger than hatred which, sadly, destroys in part our respective countries and drives us apart when we are neighbors

G O R A N   P A S K A L J E V I C

Goran Paskaljevic studied at the well-known Prague school of cinema (FAMU). He has made 30 documentaries and 14 feature films, shown and acclaimed at the most prestigious international film festivals (Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Toronto and San Sebastian…). The rise of nationalism in Yugoslavia forced him to leave his country in 1992. In 1998 he went back to make The Powder Keg (aka Cabaret Balkan in the USA) which won international critic's prizes at the Venice Film Festival and the European Film Awards. In 2001, the Variety International Film Guide marks him as one of the top five directors of the year. His latest film Midwinter Night's Dream (2004) exploring the post-war Serbia won the Grand Jury Prize at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

The Museum of Modern Art in New-York (MoMA) will present a full retrospective of his work at the end of next year.

Best Film Valladolid Film Festival
Best actor winner Lazar Ristovski
Audience Award for the best film
Geneva Film Festival - Best Director
FIPRESCI Award for the best film
Toronto – Masters – World Premiere




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