From May 13th to 20th, 2001 Tirana was  the shooting location of "Monte Dajti", an Italian movie production by  "Caviar Produzioni". The  author and director is Mr. Carmine Fornari , director of photography Mr. Felice De Maria , and producer Antonio Fusco.

This  movie describes a second world war love story of a young Italian boy with an Albanian girl. They tried to run away to Italy but just accidentally they part with each other to get together again  in Tirana after 50 years. The Albanian girl Sara is in her last breath.

This film has been considered by the Italian Ministry of Culture to be a very important national project.

  The supportive service for the realization of the shootings of this movie in Albania was provided by "Fasada Studio".
The assistance consisted in settings, shootings, supernumerary casting (around 50 people), costumes, scenery, transport , accommodation and security.

The Producer, Antonio Fusco, is highly satisfied with  the collaboration of "Fasada" studio and he is enthusiastic for further mutual projects.

Sara Bouman (swiss actress) main character in the clothes of an albanian young girl.



1938. Andrea is a young conjurer, who works in provincial theatres and lives on the periphery of the law. Because of a bad mistake with the police, he must run away. He accepts a contract in Albania at the Grand Hotel Dajti, a hotel that takes its name from the mountain behind Tirana. He meets an Albanian girl, Sara, with whom he gets married.
Together they give incredible illusionist shows for which he becomes famous. The police finds him, so Andrea, Sara and little Emir have to flee to Italy. It is 1944, the end of World War 2, Sara is shot, just when she is trying to get on the boat that will take them to Italy, and she disappears in the sea. Andrea and his son arrive in Italy and remain in a small village on the coast of Puglia.
He is convinced that his wife is dead and the guilt eats him alive. After a while, his son dies too from an incurable disease. Andrea sets himself up as the village sorcerer: he predicts the future and speaks with the dead.
Forty years later, Pinuccio goes to see Andrea, he has the proof that his Sara is still alive.
Pinuccio is an orphan, he has escaped from a shelter, and he “works” with the mob engaged in smuggling by sea. He feels a deep desire for a family that he never had. When Pinuccio meets Andrea their relationship becomes deeper and deeper. In a continuos flashback, Andrea tells Pinuccio his life story and Pinuccio accompanies him on a return journey to today Albania in search for Sara, among old friendships, Andrea’s past, his story and his ghosts.
Andrea has a great charming influence on Pinuccio, with his ability to transform appearance into reality, credibility into trust. Andrea changes their journey into an experience of life. Andrea conveys his sense of magic in everyday life and his intense relationship with the world to Pinuccio. Sara is dying in her bed. This last meeting with Andrea can heal the old wounds, cancel any guilt and, above all, reunite a family destroyed by time and war. Andrea manages to reunite their family in front of Sara’s dying eyes, introducing Pinuccio as their son. Like a great conjurer’s trick that allows the old lady to smile, hugging the son she believed lost, so she can finally close her eyes with a soft expression on her face. Sara dies, as if by chance. Pinuccio realises that he does not need Andrea anymore, but Andrea does need him. The journey is over, but they are not alone anymore.

Grigor Stavri (Fasada), Felice De Maria (Caviar), Ilir Butka (Film Commission)


Roma, 16 febbraio, 2001 

La Caviar Produzioni ha realizzato le riprese in Albania del film “Hotel Dajti” con la collaborazione della Fasada Studio e Tirana Film Commission, con la presente siamo lieti di comunicarvi la nostra totale soddisfazione per il lavoro da voi svolto come l’organizzazione generale, il casting, la maestranze, i mezzi tecnici, i costumi ecc., ma soprattutto per la grande disponibilita e gentilezza.

 Rigraziandovi ancora per la vostra collaborazione vi porgo cordiali saluti. 

Antonio Fusco 

Amministratore Unico
Antonio Fusco


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ANNECY CINEMA ITALIEN 2001: In Competition